3 Must Have - New Instagram Automations!

Automated "Keyword DM Responses". Give your fans an instant response and link them to your campaign. Example Call to Action: DM the keyword "SETLIST" and I'll send you tonights setlist.

"Keyword Post Comment Response". When fans use the right keyword on an IG post comment, send them a DM linking them to your campaign. Example Call to Action:  Comment on this post the keyword "WINNER" and be entered to win...

"Mention Capture". When someone mentions your IG Story, send them an automated DM thanking them and link them to your campaign. 

Collect data! Run any of the campaigns above and collect email, location and/or sms data.
Build It
mTouring builds your Messenger and IG Channels, Creates your campaign, collects Fan data and delivers results.
Boost it
50-90% Open Rates
10-50% Click Rates
75-95% Abandoned Cart Open Rates
25%+ Engagement Rates
Bank it
Advertising flows deliver:
5-12X ROAS on Click to IG or Messenger
8-60X on Sponsored messages
50-100x ROI on mTouring Ad Services
Connecting Promoters to Fans through Content
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