Sammy's Success Story

Sammy Hagar's digital media team needed to maximize tune-in of Sammy Hagar's
Pay-Per-View event and promote new merchandise. Through their relationship with mTouring, they provided two images and agreed to fulfill 5 free Pay Per View Codes and 10% store wide merchandise discount. 

mTouring created advertising targeting Sammy's engaged fans and lookalike fans on Facebook, Instagram, and in Messenger. Push messages were sent to over 5,000 fans interested in Sammy or similar artists. 

mTouring built and featured Sammy's Messenger Channel to immerse the visiting Fans in Sammy's content. Sammy's team posted the giveaway to their socials and included it in their emails.

The Campaign:

Reached 41,617 SuperFans
Generated 15,239 Clicks (36%CTR)
Subscribed  3686 New Users  
Completed 50+ Orders (7 Abandoned Cart Orders)
Collected 432 emails

Build It
mTouring builds your Messenger Channel, Creates your campaign, collects Fan data and delivers results.
Boost it
50-90% Open Rates
10-40% Click Rates
70-95% Abandoned Cart Open Rates
25%+ Engagement Rates
Bank it
Messenger advertising flows deliver:
5-12X ROAS on Click to Messenger
8-60X on Sponsored messages
50-100x ROI on mTouring Ad Services
Connecting Promoters to Fans through Content
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